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Meet our doctor and get to know the team that will be designing your beautiful smile! Check out our state-of-the-art office and why you should choose ION Orthodontics to help you get the smile you want.

Metal Braces

For the person who wants some bling and wants to make a statement. Metal braces will be a beautiful accessory to your face.

3D Printed clear Braces

With 3D printing technology, we can precisely print clear custom braces to fit your teeth perfectly and move your teeth as efficiently as possible. 

Clear Aligners

Align your teeth with plastic. No pokey wires, brush and floss freely, and it's removable! Feel confident straightening your teeth at any age.


Retainers are your maintainers. They will protect your smile as long as you wear them.


We want you to be prepared and set expectatIONs before you come in the door so you or your loved one can be completely comfortable at your first visit.

"Why do my kid's friends have braces- she's only 7!"


We are excited to meet you!

An orthodontic evaluation is completely complimentary. Schedule an appointment with ION orthodontics today!

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